Henrico County Virginia Deeds 1750-1774

Abstracted by Gary Murdock Williams
Edited by Virginia Lee Hutcheson Davis

Dr. Benjamin B. Weisiger, III (1924-1995) made an enduring contribution
to the study of colonial Henrico County records with his meticulous abstracts and
indices of county wills, 1677-1781, and deeds, 1677-1750. To help fill the void in
the colonial land records of Henrico County, this compiler now undertakes to
provide abstracts of such additional records by providing extracts of the deeds
recorded in Henrico County Wills & Deeds, 1750-1767 and Henrico County Deed
Book, 1767-1774. It is hoped that this work will be a suitable tribute and memorial
to Dr. Weisiger. If these abstracts enhance our knowledge of those early citizens
of Henrico County and the land they knew, this undertaking will have accomplished
its purpose.

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