The Vestry Book of Albemarle Parish1 is one of the priceless original Public
Records of the Old Dominion which has survived the vicissitudes of time, wars, invasions,
fire and neglect. Albemarle Parish is a lineal descendant of James City Parish, the first
established in the new world and included both the north and south sides of the James River.2
Surry County was formed in 1652 from that part of James City County south of the
James River; the new county included the two parishes that had been created earlier out of
James City County: Lawne's Creek Parish (1640) and Southwark Parish (1647). In 1738
these two parishes were divided with parts of both parishes north of the Blackwater River
united into one parish and retaining the name Southwark. The parts on the south side of the
Blackwater River became another distinct parish named Albemarle. With the changes in
boundaries, Lawne's Creek Parish then became extinct. Sussex County was created from
Surry County in 1754 with Surry County remaining in Southwark Parish, and Albemarle
Parish encompassing the new county.

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